Bill Negotiation in 2020 – How to Lower Your Bills, Help Others, and Make Money

Americans are overpaying by 60 billion dollars a year on the bills we pay monthly. This is insane. When I saw this statistic, I thought to myself, how can companies get away with this?

The simple answer is that you and I live in a free enterprise system. If you have a demand for something, and people are willing to pay the price, you don’t have to let them know how they can cut down on the costs.

This is a category creator.

There is nothing like it, and it really works.

What is it?

Bill negotiation services.

If you are paying for any service, whether it be cable, phone, trash collection or your gas delivery bill, these things can be negotiated. Yes, they can be negotiated.

You may not believe it, but it is true, and that is what is so exciting about this.

Here is how it works.

You sign up for a free account.

During the account setup, you are given a form that allows you to upload images of your bills. You give the company permission to negotiate on your behalf. Your plan won’t change. Nothing will change but the money you are paying each month.

If you don’t save money, you don’t pay.

If you do save money, the savings will be over a term. Your cost for the service is 50% of the savings over the term of the savings. This is a win-win and it makes this a one of a kind business opportunity.

You aren’t selling anything here.

There are products on the back end if someone is interested, and they all have to do with saving money, but on the front end, you are saving people money. And even if they never purchase anything from you, both of you are coming out ahead.

This is simple.

All you have to do is sign up, submit your bills and save. If you are interested in promoting this service with your own branded website, choose the Pro option. This also gives you all of the products. Do, or don’t. Either way, you and I both win.

Sign up here.

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