Brand New Opportunity in Hair Care – Hau Hair Packs

We are all familiar with the concept of the facial mask. The hair mask, however, is something few people even know about.

This is all the rage in South Korea, and that is important to recognize.

South Korea is always ahead of the US when it comes to beauty and fashion.

This is no exception.

A couple of years from now hair masks are going to be all the rage, and this is the only company allowed to sell this proprietary formula in the United States.

Let me introduce you to Edify and the Hau Hair Products that are becoming a huge opportunity for individuals and Salons across the US.

At the time I am writing this, there are less than 1000 customers, and the demand is growing exponentially. This time next week there will be 2000 and next month 10,000. That is how word of mouth marketing works.

The focus product is the Hau Hair Mask. This hair mask is filled with proprietary ingredients that are going to infuse your hair and scalp with vital nutrients.

These natural botanicals have been sourced from around the world.

It is completely safe.

Kids can use it. Use CHRISCURTIS code at checkout for FREE Shipping.

Imagine being at the forefront of a product like this.

Now you have the opportunity.

All you have to do is purchase any product using my referral code.

Within 24 hours, you will get an email inviting you to become an influencer.

There is no monthly product purchase required.

One purchase unlocks unlimited income.

Why do you need to purchase the product?

So you can see how amazing it is of course. – CHRISCURTIS check out code.

Return Policy.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You work hard for your money and we want you to be completely happy with your purchase! 

If you are having any issues please contact us at or use 317.833.9656 to text or leave a voicemail.  

We will easily refund your complete purchase and shipping. 

We just ask that:

You use the entire box of hair packs or entire bottle of serum before returning.  The product results are cumulative so if you are not happy after a full treatment (box of 5 or serum) we will refund your order.

We are confident in the performance of our products and would love to help you if you are having issues, but if you are only interested in a return we will be happy to help you with that too!

Why HAU Hair Pack?

This 30-60 minute at-home process mimics popular “hair treatments” in Korea. These deep conditioning treatments can take 2-4 hours in the salon and range from $90 to $300.

HAU Hair Pack is not just a deep conditioning treatment, it is a premium salon-quality treatment that can be used at home. Unlike a deep conditioning treatment, HAU DOESN’T WEIGH YOUR HAIR DOWN. It will give you a lightweight bounce, with a natural lift at the roots. (This is amazing for fine hair clients that need hair repair!)

The creator Dian was a woman that stuggled with her hair and was frustrated with the lack of good-quality products available to consumers. She took her time, the utmost care and focused on product research and development to create a salon-quality premium serum that is free of harsh chemicals, and is gentle on your hair and scalp. HAU cares about consumer satisfaction. Her goal is to help people feel good about themselves, and she is always open to feedback, to grow and improve your experience.

“I have chosen to support HAU Hair Pack after comparing it to ALL other Korean hair masks on the market because when I tested all of those brands in my salon throughout 3-6 months, HAU outshined them all. HAU’s product results were better than anything I have tried, as a professional or consumer.”

– Michelle Farley (Stylist/Beauty Educator/CEO Edify Haircare)

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