How To Create Effective Landing Pages that Make People Want What You Have

A landing page is of primary importance to your online marketing strategy. This is a page that you should spend a lot of time thinking about and planning.

When it comes to creating a landing page, it couldn’t be easier.

There are a lot of tools out there that will allow you to create a landing page, but something I have found recently, that I find very useful and super cool is Google Sites. This is yet another useful Google product that makes it super easy to create landing pages. Google sites is an easy way to get started experiementing with Landing Pages.

Rules for Creating an Effective Landing Page

There are certain rules you need to follow when creating a landing page using the Google Sites tool. The first thing you need to think about is the content itself. Does it generate interest. Is it fun, and exciting? Does it generate a need, or a desire to know more?

While you can create a landing page very quickly using a tool like Google sites, if you don’t have the right kind of content, it isn’t going to do you much good.

The Home Page of your Website is Not an Effective Landing Page

When you hear the term landing page, you might be thinking of where your visitor lands when they hit your site. While it is true, you do want your visitor to eventually hit one of your landing pages, the landing page is never the home page of your website.

I am a big fan of WordPress. When you subscribe to the content on this blog, you will see that. I like WordPress because the link structure is fantastic. Everything is categorized and linked together accordingly, but if you are building a Landing Page, you don’t want it to be linked to all of the other pages on your site. You don’t want any other pages linked to your Landing Page.

There should be nothing there in the form of links, other than your call to action button.

Make Sure Your Landing Page is Focused

A Landing Page is a web page and the great thing about Web Pages is you can create more than one. With a Landing Page, you aren’t offering a bunch of information for a bunch of different products on one page. You want your content to be very focused on EXACTLY what you are offering.

Again, the Landing Page needs to be focused on the advantages, or even a single advantage of a singular product or service. If you have more than one product, or multiple advantages of your product, you can create more than one landing page. The purpose of your Landing Page is to peak interest and generate an action.

Once the action is taken, you want to take them down the path that is going to provide them with the most value and education when it comes to purchasing your products. Don’t link to your Social Media accounts and a bunch of junk that will do nothing but confuse your prospect. Make the path as easy as possible for them to follow.

Get to the Point

The purpose of a Landing Page isn’t to beat around the bush. It is to get to the point.

A landing page isn’t there to educate your prospect. It is there to peak interest so that they can be educated. Here is the difference.

“Learn About This New Vitamin and Mineral Supplement has Ginseng, which has Tons of Health Benefits” OR

“Learn the 10 Ways Ginseng Slows the Aging Process and Reverses Free Radical Damage”

The second headline is more appealing because it is offering information that is an advantage to the prospect. As a matter of fact, with this one headline, you open up a ton of possible front end angles you can use to educate your prospect. You can deliver the same report, or information, but present it on the front end in different ways.

Here is an example.

“Download this Free Report Detailing 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginseng and How Adding it to your Regimen Might Prolong Your Life”

Now you have two capture pages, using the same report from a different angle.

If you are using WordPress for your content marketing strategy, you can link to the individual Google Sites pages you create. Or you can just Create your Landing Pages using WordPress. The point is, every landing page you have, gives you more opportunity of landing organic traffic on those pages.

If you are able to deliver traffic to your Landing Page, consisting of prospects looking for the advantages of your product, your conversion rate is going to be a lot higher and you are going to have much better success.

Lay Your Landing Page Out in A Simple Way That A Child Could Easily Follow And Understand

Again, something you definitely do not want to do is make your landing page over complex. Make it an offer that is compelling. Make it something that you yourself would not refuse. Build your Landing Page and construct your headline by reaching deep inside of who you are and pulling out your passion.

Make it a powerful call to action that is highly visible at the top of the page. If your page is longer, because of further details, or bullet points, or it just has a Web 3 type layout, make sure you put your call to action multiple times down the page. Make there always be a call to action in the site of the reader, and make the decision easy to make.

The Headline is obviously going to be your most important element on your page when it comes to capturing the attention of motivated prospects.

The moral of the story is to make your capture page easy to understand. Put everything above the fold in a place where people can see it, and you can capture their interest before they click off the page.

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