How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection with Reality and Achieve the Unimaginable

There are sights, sounds, objects, buildings, people and stimuli all around us in our human experience. The reality of each of these is so distinct that you might, upon completion, be unable to tell them apart.  No wonder we find it so difficult to take it all in, in the face of all that we see and hear.  All these things come together, in our minds, in the texture of our lives, and this is what accounts for our perception of reality.  It is no more than our attempts to understand these things that do us

In our attempt to put together all of the pieces of the world around us, we end up with an incomplete, fragmented picture of what the world actually looks like.

You are an entity inside of a program. I don’t mean that you are in a real program, but I find the best way to think about life, is to think about it as though you are playing a game of consequence. In a game of consequence, you don’t make the same decisions you would make if you were playing an ordinary video game.

There are ramifications to the decisions you make each day.

If you don’t have a complete picture of who you are in your environment, the decisions you make are going to be a little off.

So how do you gain a better understanding of the reality you inhabit?

The first thing you have to do is cut all connections you think exist between you and those you interact with on a daily basis. I am not telling you to kick these people out of your life. I am telling you to lose your preconceived ideas about those people when it comes to how they might feel about you, or what they might be feeling about anything at all.

Reset your priorities.

The purpose of life is to leave a legacy and to be happy. Everything you attract into your life has a connection to your vibration. The energy that you have collected throughout your life is manifesting all of the things you see and hear around you. You are a spiritual vessel first and foremost. This is why it is important to have a high value of humanity, and your own human condition.

You are here in this life to play the game of life.

The RULES of Life.

  1. Determine the desired outcome.
  2. Focus on the outcome. Imagine it as a flag in the distance. The people, objects and other entities that are in your life are there to help you reach your goals. Even difficult people are there for a purpose.
  3. Play the game with ethics and integrity. Don’t hurt other players to improve your own game because part of the game is the way you feel while you are in pursuit of your goals. When you hurt other people, it produces negative feelings.
  4. The score is generated based on the individual moves that you make in the game of life. If you learn to think about what is happening in the moment and recognize every moment is significant, you will have a much higher score because you will be committing to the action.
  5. The results of the game are dependent upon the actions of the user. In this case, the user is you. Imagine that there is a panel of judges watching the decisions you make, determining how accurate those decisions are when it comes to reaching your goals.
  6. Teamwork and becoming a leader is going to give you a supreme advantage in the game. If you can get other players to make decisions based on your desired outcome, with their outcome in mind, you will get bonus points.
  7. Learn to pay attention to people who might need your assistance. If you want to gain outside influence and create bigger waves inside of the game, pay attention to the needs of others.
  8. Follow your moral compass throughout the game.
  9. Realize that other players are a part of your game. While it does benefit you in the game to consider the needs of others above your own in some cases, the purpose of the game is to rid you of ego. The ego will always fight against your best outcome. The reality is, it does not matter what other people think.
  10. If you want to guarantee that you win the game, you must learn to continually visualize the outcome of the things you want to manifest in your existence. Focus not only on your own outcome but on the outcome of humanity as a whole. This is a game for world changers.

Otherwise, you can just sit on the sidelines and watch life pass you by. While this is not a complete list of the rules, it is an overview that will allow you to start strategizing in the right way.

The game of life is laid out before you with unlimited potential. The map of the world around you is going to present you with obstacles. Emotion is going to fight against you. This is why it is so important to be aware of what is happening in the game, each and every second.

Holes in your game are often as wide and deep as your imagination. But your imagination is always with you. It can guide you through the unpleasant experiences in life; or distract you from the noxious illusions in your game.

Only predetermine in your mind the things you want to happen. Never doubt yourself and the outcomes you are able to generate through visualization. It doesn’t mean that sitting around thinking about things all day is going to make things unfold the way you want them to. Visualization is a tool so that you can align things in the right way. Be sure to subscribe for more information on how to win at the game of life.

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