How to Make Money in Viv Life – Compensation Plan Overview

Making money as a Viv Life Consultant is simple.

The front end of this opportunity is the most revolutionary, out of the box concept ever devised.

Americans are being OVERCHARGED by 60 Billion a year, and it is EASY to get companies to lower your bills if you know what to ask for.

At Viv, you get a team of expert negotiators working for you to lower your bills, and the bills of every prospect you plug into the system.

When you save your friends money you make money.

Think about the power of this concept.

Instead of calling your friend up and begging them to spend money on the front end to join your business, they spend nothing on the front end.

When they save, you earn.

It is that simple, and that is just one small piece of the puzzle.

There are products and services offered through Viv that pay thousands of dollars in commissions potentially. There is no limit when you become a Viv Life Freedom Consultant.

This is exciting.

This is something that is going to make you the hero in your circle.

Did you ever dream of owning a business?

Did you ever think owning a business would be this simple?

The more complicated it is on the front end, the more goes into marketing.

When you can present something simple and step by step like this, people line up.

This is especially true once one of your friends tries this service.

If you have a family plan, chances are, you can save a hundred dollars or more a month on your phone bill. Think about how much sense this makes.

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