Realizing Your Full Potential And How To Make A Life Of Purpose

You are a living breathing soul, and as long as the breath of life is in you, make the best of it. Make the best of this wonderful amazing existence. Realize that you are full of limitless potential. The only thing that can prevent you from achieving your dreams and making them your actual life is you.

Give yourself permission to succeed.

The life you have been given is what you make it. There is nothing standing in your way. However, there is a process for success. It isn’t something that just happens because you think you will it to happen.

The human mind is a funny thing.

Often times we think we know something, or believe something, but on a deeper level, we are fooling ourselves.

The tangible world that we live in appears in physical form, but it isn’t physical. You just perceive it that way. You see the objects around you in their material form. However, you can close your eyes and imagine those things that are not physical. Imagine an Ace of Spades. Do you have one in front of you?

The physical world we live in pulls a very literal wool over our eyes because it causes a disconnect between the physical world and the process of the mind.

Be mindful. Exist at this moment, but realize it is your moment. Don’t inhibit your success by limiting your beliefs. See the world as it is. Your dreams are a part of who you are for a reason. Your dreams are the desires of your heart.

Let Your Dreams Be Your Guide

Don’t let your surroundings influence you or your thought process.

The body is the body, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
Physical symptoms of illness are a result of mental symptoms, and physical symptoms are often caused by psychological issues.

The body has the ability to heal itself. It was created to give your mind the power over it, but you have to believe it and see things as they actually are.

The mind and body are not always one in the same. We can see the physical world and the process of mind and body as separate because of the body, but we can also see the physical world as a mirror to the mind and the process of mind and body as a mirror to the physical world.

The physical world is one of the many tools that we use to understand the mind and the process of mind and body.

The same goes for the person you’re interacting with.

People will feel and reflect exactly what you think they should feel and reflect.

This doesn’t happen on a conscious level either.

The mind is an entity in and of itself. The consciousness that is you is only part of that. It is like an arm or the branch of a tree.

You are the light that enlightens the mind, the mind that enlightens the light.

If the mind is to become illumined with that light, the light itself has to be illumined.

It isn’t that the mind has control over the body, other people, or your surroundings at will. Again, it is the subconscious that has the final authority, but the extension of you and your awareness is the guiding force of the subconscious. When your mind knows your ready, it will unlock the progression to the next and higher level of consciousness.

We go from glory to glory.

If you are not ready to go to the next level, you will not be able to advance.

You experience life in a state of consciousness.

From this perspective, it is all you will ever know or ever have known.

Think about it. You have preconceived ideas of how things work beyond life, but all you have ever experienced is life.

You are very literally here today and gone tomorrow. Life is like a vapor. You are in this expanse of the conscious mind to experience something, and to learn powerful lessons of the human experience. The experience you have is waking up to face a new day. Each day of this existence is experienced in the moment, and right now the moment is you.

The entire experience of life is moving forward, but time and space, as interconnected as they are, will not defy the will of the subconscious mind. Yes, your mind has the ability to influence the past. It is the present, and the future is ultimately what the subconscious mind will allow it to be.

If you are ready to move to the next level of consciousness, and the higher state of the existence in this moment whatever it may be, and you aren’t willing to grow and work on the things you know are inhibiting you, then you will remain stuck. When you are ready to move on, you will, but that is ultimately up to you.

“As you let go of all your attachments to time and space, time and space will let you go.”

You are the creative force behind your life. Being able to reach deeper, and expand your consciousness is directly tied to your awareness.

Are you a reactive person?

Do you let the moment define you, instead of defining the moment?

Are you materialistic, always thinking about the physical representation of objects instead of the connection you have to those objects and how that connection can serve to provide you with a better, more fulfilling physical experience, apart from strife, envy or greed?

Is the materialistic nature of you and the way you view the world, the world around you, your family and your friends all in your head?

Is it all the way you imagine it?

How often have you given up when a situation is just not working out, even when it is something you love? This is a choice that you made.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Stay tuned.

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