The Greatest Weapon You Have Is Your Mind

You have a powerful asset behind that thick skull God has blessed you with. That asset is a mind, and the ability to take control of it. Today we are going to look at the power of the mind and what it can accomplish for you now and in the future.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

It is something you don’t want to take for granted.

The mind is so powerful, it can actually set you up with the exact outcome you are looking for.

Dream it and do it.

Want it and be it.

Live for it.

Become one with it.

Feed it.

Love it and watch it grow.

The mind is what allows us to act, to change, to adapt and progress, to understand ourselves, others and the world.

The mind is what allows us to break free of the bonds that our preconceived ideas and self-limiting beliefs have constrained us with.

Your mind has all of the control over what others think of you.

If you believe and feel that others think of you in a negative way, they will.

You must see yourself as you are.

Be the victor.

You are the one who controls the outcome.

You are the only one who can say what your destiny is. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Today we are looking forward to the future, and only the mind can break through the barriers that will inevitably be there on our journey.

The mind is going to give us the fuel and desire to fulfill our passion.

The passions we have are a gift from God, and the mind is the fuel behind them.

You have complete power over your thoughts and outcome.

You are the controller and the master of this fate.

Your mind is what connects you to this physical world.

The physical is a frequency vibration of the original thought.

And you are the result of that vibration. You being here right now with a mind gives you an infinite power beyond anything you ever imagined. All you have to do is tap into it. The power is already yours. What are you going to do with it?

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