The Numbers Don’t Lie

Viv does not guarantee that you will make any money if you decide to become a consultant. Just because you start a business doesn’t mean you are going to make money. You actually have to put forth some effort to build the business. Yes, building a business requires work, but not necessarily hard work. Instead of working hard, the successful people in this industry work smart. They use leverage, like this blog, to better prioritize their time.

This simple process is going to take me less than 30 minutes today, but people are going to be reading this short article for years to come.

Most people think this industry is about bothering friends and family with a business opportunity that will never pay them a dime. As a matter of fact, more likely than not, they will buy the products for a couple of months and move on, feeling a little less accomplished because their two weeks of talking to everyone they knew just didn’t pay off.

Now this is a real problem in the industry. And a lot of the problem has to do with the model of individual businesses that are geared towards generating sales from signups who have bought into the pipe dream.

Now, I am a big fan of this industry. Even the companies that promote the heck out of the opportunity provide people with a way to generate more income than they could imagine, even as the CEO of most middle of the road companies. But, the people who make this kind of money work very hard, and they have something that most people who try this type of business are not even aware exists.

That is a process.

The process is the defining factor and the difference between success and failure. A proven process is a proven process. If you learn the process, it might take time to perfect it, but if it is proven, it will work every time based on the math.

The Universe we live in is based on numbers. It is a complex tapestry of equations that lead to numerous possible outcomes.

If you have a traditional product, associated with a traditional type of network marketing business, you have a product that is going to take up space. A lot of people I know, including myself have made a lot of money with products that take up space. The products sit there and they are reminded they are buying products they will never lose.

With most companies you need to buy a lot of product in order to qualify for premium pay. Again, this is legitimate. There is nothing wrong with free enterprise, but it is a negative when it comes to the industry, because the leaders in the industry are not teaching their people a proven process.

In most cases, the process involves generating interest, and plugging people in to an automated follow up system. This takes time, and it is difficult for most people. That is why most people have already failed. The industry is geared towards the success of those willing to work a proven process. It isn’t that the average Joe and Jane doesn’t want to or wouldn’t be able to follow the process. It is that teaching the process is an art in itself, and a lot of good marketers don’t really know how to pass their knowledge on to their downlines.

Now so far, you might be thinking this is a Debbie Downer article. I am sorry for that, but watering down the truth isn’t profitable.

Here is the good news.

Viv is a different type of network marketing business.

There are no vitamins or supplements that take up space.

There is no buying a bunch of products you do not need.

It starts with SAVING MONEY on bills you are going to pay month after month no matter what.

The savings generated pay for the service, and the extra savings allow you to start thinking about ways you can put that extra money to good use.

One flat tire can cost a couple of hundred dollars.

One credit mishap, could cost you a lot more than that.

Home security and automation is a must.

Everyone travels.

Everyone gets sick.

And all of these things cost money.

Once we save our customers money on the things they are already paying for, we provide them with the option of taking advantage of more products that will save them even more money on things they are going to end up paying for anyway.

This is a win win on the front end, and the most amazing thing about it, is thru the entire process of helping people you know, you haven’t once promoted the business opportunity.

When they see how you helped them, it is only natural for a percentage of those people to want to help others, right? They are going to ask you about the business, because they can see the value. There is no useless product to buy. The product is putting more money in their bank accounts every month so they can buy the things they actually do want.

The savings generated is worth far more than the $189 it costs to become a PRO Consultant.


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