How to Use Content Marketing and a Blog to Build your Network Marketing Business

Content is still the king of the Internet and it always will be.

Content is what drives knowledge and engagement.

So how do you combine a blog, with a great content marketing strategy to grow your network marketing business?

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. It is often used by businesses in order to:

Attract attention and generate leads

Expand their customer base

Generate or increase online sales

Increase brand awareness or credibility

Engage an online community of users
Content marketing attracts prospects and transforms prospects into customers by creating and sharing valuable free content. Content marketing helps companies create sustainable brand loyalty, provides valuable information to consumers, and creates a willingness to purchase products from the company in the future. This relatively new form of marketing does not involve direct sales. Instead, it builds trust and rapport with the audience.

Unlike other forms of online marketing, content marketing relies on anticipating and meeting an existing customer need for information, as opposed to creating demand for a new need. As James O’Brien of Contently wrote on Mashable, “The idea central to content marketing is that a brand must give something valuable to get something valuable in return. Instead of the commercial, be the show. Instead of the banner ad, be the feature story.”

Content marketing requires continuous delivery of large amounts of content, preferably within a content marketing strategy.
When businesses pursue content marketing, the main focus should be the needs of the prospect or customer.

Once a business has identified the customer’s need, information can be presented in a variety of formats, including news, video, white papers, e-books, infographics, email newsletters, case studies, podcasts, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, blogs, etc. Most of these formats belong to the digital channel.

Digital content marketing is a management process that uses electronic channels to identify, forecast, and satisfy the content requirements of a particular audience. It must be consistently updated and added to in order to influence the behavior of customers.


Using Content Marketing to attract attention.

This is easy if you use a little bit of creativity.

Think about something controversial related to your product.

Let’s say that you have a product with an herb that people sometimes use to stop smoking.

Smoking is a controversial topic, and the best way to raise controversy about smoking is to talk about the reasons why people need to quit.

The company you are with may not even know that one of the ingredients in their product is used to quit smoking.

This is the beauty of getting to know your product and doing your own research.

Think about this headline for a capture page.

“Discover a little known ancient remedy the Chinese have been using for Thousands of Years to Calm the Addictive Effects of Tobacco.”

This is an easy headline.

Offer a free 10 page report that does nothing but educate people about this magical herb. Make your product accessible throughout the report, but don’t make the report about your product.

Educating your prospect about the advantages your product offers when it comes to quitting smoking is going to raise awareness, and make them want what you have to offer.

People are looking for value, and information is valuable. You just have to present the information in a way that will peak interest.

Make people aware of the great outcome if they keep reading the information. The key word is quality here.

The advantages of a blog when it comes to a content marketing strategy.

A blog has a ton of advantages when it comes to anything having to do with online marketing.

The layout of a blog is easy to follow.

Information is structured in an SEO friendly way.

It is easy to add content.

You can add multimedia.

You can add forms and generate discussion.

There really isn’t much you can’t do with a blog when you think about it.

It is the end all be all platform for any serious marketer planning to sell online.

In the relationship marketing business, a blog is important because it becomes the go to place for all of your content.

Every video you make, your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever else you are connected to, and all other things you can be connected to your blog.

The content needs to be informative and useful, but a lot of it also needs to be about you. Not you talking about yourself, but the way you see it. You need to become the brand of the brand if you catch my drift.

A blog does everything you need it to do.

It can become the entire front end and follow up mechanism for your entire business.

A blog also allows you to brand yourself.

IT makes you stand out from everyone else, and shows people you have something to offer. It shows that you are the expert, go to professional.

Blogging with increase your trust.

The more information you have on your blog, the more knowledge you have.

The key is to structure your information in such a way, that all of it is interlinked and easy to access.

A blog does this out of the box.

You can even create a membership area for your team members.

There are no limits to what you can do with a blog.

The only limits are the limits of your own imagination.

Keep all aspects of marketing centralized and pointing to one place.

Focus on different types of people with different types of front end pages, and marketing campaigns.

The more effort you put into the process of following up, and content, the more interest, awareness and trust you will generate.

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