Why Becoming a Viv Life Consultant is a Better Choice

The network marketing industry has gotten a bad rap.

Most people who join a network marketing business fail. That isn’t the industries fault. People fail because they have no idea how to build or run a successful business.

Let’s think about why the MLM industry is perceived so negatively by so many people, and how to change that perception with this revolutionary process.

The path of most MLM distributors.

  1. They get excited to join. Something about the product or opportunity motivates them to take action.
  2. While they are waiting on their product, which usually with most companies comes in the mail, they start making plans. They might feel a little apprehension, or question their decision, but with most people, this planning phase is the most exciting. We will talk about the typical plan a 90% MLM distributor makes in a later post.
  3. When they get the product, they start using it, and this is usually when they get the courage to make that first contact. Sometimes they are encouraged by their upline to make a list of their closest friends, but this is where most people start anyway. I mean, it makes sense that you want to start with the people closest to you, and this is something I completely agree with in premise. The problem is, most people do not know how to present the product and opportunity in the right way. We will delve into this in a later post as well.
  4. After talking to several of their closest friends, most MLM distributors find themselves a little down in the dumps. That is because the odds are stacked against them. They don’t know how to present to product and opportunity in the right way by asking the right questions and listening. Instead, the explain everything they are excited about. They might let them watch the presentation, but instead of learning how to answer the questions in the right way according to the proven process, they answer them in the way they perceive it. People have different personality types, and you usually don’t have the exact same type of personality as your friends and family. Even if you do, there is no way to determine that the person will see it the same way, so those odds just keep pushing back, and eventually, the doubt sets in.
  5. The MLM distributor quits. They leave the industry with a bad taste in their mouth, or some go on looking for a magic bullet system that is going to work for their style and the way they perceive things.

This is the sad path that the vast majority of MLM distributors take. And it isn’t their fault. Most people getting involved in this industry have never owned a business, and if they have, it is a different kind of business. They don’t ever take the time to learn the process that works. This sometimes has to do with the upline, but more often than not, it is the lack of time to learn a complicated process. Being successful in this industry takes a lot of effort.

Why Viv Life is the Better Option

The majority of MLM companies have a physical product that is delivered to your door. There are some that offer unique services, and others that are shady pyramid schemes. These have always put a negative light on the industry.

When you become a Viv Life Consultant, your number one goal is to help people save money. Instead of asking them to buy a product from you, you are putting money in their pocket. This is a shock to people. They initially don’t get why a company would be willing to lower their bills without them having to pay anything up front. As they realize it is real, the defense mechanism comes down a little bit. They figure out that saving money is fun.

People who wake up and realize saving money on things they are already buying is a no brainer are now not feeling pressured to buy anything. The PRO Membership of course offers a lot more in the way of savings, but even if they aren’t interested after saving more money than the Pro Membership even costs, you are still building your business and making money. You don’t have to sell anything to make money with Viv. And, people who save money, especially those who are saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, aren’t gonna hesitate to take advantage of the other savings, and at this point, every step they take in the process, is you helping them, while more income is being generated for you.

If you can help someone, even someone you do not know, you are going to build trusted relationships. You are going to grow your circle of influence. People aren’t going to avoid you because they think you are going to try to pitch your supplements or business opportunity. They are going to yearn to hear what you have to say, because when you say something, based on their experience, you save them money.

Viv is different and better. Get started at LowerMyBills.Pro

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