Why Planning Your Funeral is A Sure Fire Way to Living Your Best Life

No one wants to think about death. It is depressing and scary to think about the end of life. At the same time, death is a part of the life cycle. It is a reality and the acceptance of it is both profitable and positive.

The legacy you leave behind is the only thing that will be here once you are gone. Who you are is going to impact the world around you and the people you love. If you want to leave a positive legacy, you must determine what you want that legacy to be.

King Solomon said everything is vanity and for good reason. The King had more in the way of physical possessions than anyone in history, but at the end of his life, he realized all of the stuff was pointless. Everything he had built was a material blessing for future generations, but from his perspective, it was all over.

The important things are what drive us to our best outcome

When we think about the finality of life, it puts things in perspective. Imagine the doctor tells you that you have 3 months to live. This is a nightmare to think about, but people go through this every day. If you ponder death in a real way, you begin to see the things that are really important.

When we think about success in business, we think about making more money, but money is never enough of a driving force to achieve your goals. Money is a tool that you can use to improve the quality of life for yourself and the people you love, but money isn’t something you are going to care about if the doctor tells you to get your things in order.

Making more money is meaningless at this point. The experiences of life become important. The gift of life itself becomes evident. The people in your life suddenly become a top priority.

Prioritizing Your Life will Bring Success and the Tool of Money will Manifest

When you realize what is important in life, you can better see the bigger picture. You can focus on things that actually mean something and prioritize what is important. This is because you are looking at life from a 3rd person point of view.

If you are thinking about the ultimate end of this existence, you are looking at life – without you in it. You start to think about the people you love without you in their life, and the driving force switches from money, to love. Thinking about the end causes you to be thankful for what you have now, and that attitude of gratitude is EXACTLY what brings the passion necessary to achieve your goals, no matter how outlandish they might seem.

If you want to have more in life, you must position yourself in the right way. If the desire for having more, or achieving a particular goal is about you, it will never manifest, and if it does, it isn’t going to be fulfilling. If we want something for selfish reasons, or to show someone else we have more than they do, or accomplished something they didn’t, we attach negative feelings to what we want.

We must be driven by who we love rather than what we want. If we are doing things with the right motive, from an unselfish point of view, the God and the Universe will work with us. Things will go smoother. Anxiety won’t exist because it doesn’t matter what other people think. Life is about giving of ourselves to make the world a better place.

Figure out why you are here, and the pieces will fall into place

If the doctor told you that 3 months was it, you would start thinking about life one second at a time. Instead of worrying about the little things, you start focusing on the big picture. The big picture allows you to see all of the variables. It allows you to slow down. Seeing the big picture lets you see why you are here in the first place.

Every decision we make in life moves us. When we can see life from beginning to end and recognize the finality, the decisions we need to make become clear.

If you learn to live life second by second, you learn to take control of your mind. Thoughts align to our goals, because we can see our goals along the path of life.

The goals we have must be driven by passion and fueled by thanksgiving. In my experience, this is the secret to getting what you want. It is also the secret to being content with what you have.

A bad mental attitude, or being driven by the wrong reasons will often times quench the fire of passion. People won’t respond the way you want them to and success will be more difficult. This is because people are very perceptive. People can sense a proper motive.

When you have the proper motive, your attitude reflects that motive

Do you ever wonder why some people just seem to glide through life? They are always happy. It doesn’t matter what happens to them, they take on a positive perspective. They are always pleasant to be around and they never struggle against the circumstance.

Our view of the circumstances we face comes down to our perspective. It comes down to our prioritization of life and what is actually important to us. This drives our attitude. If you have the right priorities, the right attitude will come to the surface. You will be thankful for all of the people and circumstances that are already in place.

When we prioritize our life in the right way, not only are we driven by love. We are more relaxed and accepting of the outcomes along the way. Your present circumstance is absolutely necessary. If you weren’t here right now, you could never end up where you are going to end up.

Life is a gift. It is short. Nothing we achieve will matter in the end except for the legacy of love we leave behind. That legacy of love starts now. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count.

Every second that ticks away is a second of decision.

Where do you want to end up? What do you want your legacy to be?


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