WordPress is All You Will Ever Need – Here is Why

Everything about having a self hosted WordPress site is worth celebrating in my opinion, but I have always been fond of this CMS.

WordPress can do everything you need it to do, providing you do a couple of things on the front end.

Today I am going to talk about why I love this blog platform and why you should also love it.

Let’s take a journey down WordPress lane.

WordPress from the beginning of the Internet has been a staple among content providers.

The ease of use, out of the box features and usefulness of the platform went beyond expectation, especially in the early days.

This attracted the best of the best marketers and programmers.

Today, WordPress is even more powerful.

So, let’s talk about why you need it as a relationship marketer.

First of all, WordPress is going to give you an EASY platform.

Adding new content is simple, and every piece of content is segmented on its own page.

You can update everything through WordPress and if you understand the way the plugins work, it can really simplify every aspect of your online marketing efforts.

There is nothing the WordPress platform cannot do when it comes to providing content and delivering it the way you want it to be experienced by the user.

One of the biggest things about this platform is the ease of use.

Any beginner can plug in and make sense of it right away.

There is nothing complicated about it.

While different themes and layouts take some time to get used to, once you find the right theme and layout to express your vision, it is smooth sailing from there on out.

The ease at which content flows together in a smooth and seamless way makes WordPress the blog network of all blog networks.

Get focused on your content by using this platform.

Right out of the box you are going to be focusing on great content related to whatever it is you are selling.

This is going to get your blood pumping, and get the creative juices flowing.

This platform all by itself can literally set fire to your business.

Publish the content.

Research the content.

Link the content.

Get the results you are looking for.

The WordPress platform is going to do all of this for you.

Think about the power of this simple tool.

It links your content together.

It is going to brand you as the expert.

It is going to organize your content.

It focuses content into categories.

You can use it to generate endless leads.

It is search engine friendly.

I could go on and on.

Having a self hosted WordPress blog that you control is a must, and it isn’t going to cost you anything. $10 a month will get you off the ground with hosting sufficient enough to have a WordPress blog.

The blog will do everything else.

How to Lay Out Your Content Using WordPress

A lot of marketers go wrong in the way they deliver content.

Rather than taking people along a predetermined path, they take them quickly to the destination.

Education is the key to making an informed decision.

You and I are in the Relationship Marketing business.

This means we are in the people business.

Being in the people business means we are about helping people.

We want to provide people with great content that gives them a real good education about the advantages of the products or services we offer.

The blog is going to give us the ability to perfect that content delivery by watching what happens when people interact with it.

We can determine exactly how many times a link has been clicked.

We can determine where on the page the use falls off.

All of this data is available using free plugins provided thru the dashboard of every self hosted WordPress site.

This is powerful because it simplifies everything when you are laying it out.

The more you know about the advantages of your product, the more content ideas you will generate.

The more content you have along these lines means more interaction and desire for your product will be generated.

This platform allows for you to be proactive about your marketing strategy while sitting back and seeing what works. As you learn, and go through the process, the more effective your content will become over time.

A WordPress site can very easily become an authority site.

WordPress has a great link structure.

It is easily made to be very Search Engine friendly.

It makes design and content structure whatever you want it to be.

And in six months, you will be making it happen.

The more content you have, the more authority your site will have

If you are curating your content and making it unique and of high quality, your site will eventually become an authority site.

It takes time for a blog to start getting listed in Google.

This is why most people who start a blog give up on it, right before they are about to get that break through.

The key is consistency.

Show the Search Engines that you are serious about delivering content on schedule and try to stick to a schedule.

If anything you would rather over deliver than under deliver.

If you are putting together one great piece of unique content a week, it will probably take about six months for your blog to start gaining authority.

But when it does, you will notice a drastic difference in the traffic and the interaction.

It is worth the wait and effort you put into it.

I will be writing a lot about WordPress in the future, so be sure to subscribe for future updates. Our team also has a lot of training on this subject, so if you plug in with us, check it out.

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